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3 Types of Equipment for Better Mobility at Home

11 September 2014 14:53:05 BST

Facing up to a disability or illness that limits your mobility is never easy, but fortunately these days there are more and more ways to overcome these limitations. Being able to get out and about in a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter means that not only can you overcome being confined to the house, but maintain your independence.

Investing in equipment to make life easier, ranging from stair lifts to grab rails can often save you from having to move home or limit the amount of costly help you might need in the home. So what key items will help you maintain your independence, without changing your lifestyle?

Powered Wheelchair

An indoor/outdoor powered wheelchair will enable you to safely manoeuvre around the house, as well as take you to the shops. The compact design means that no part of your home is off limits, and height adjustable and swivel seats make it easy to transition from task to task through different areas of the home.

Electric Scooter

An electric scooter is a highly adaptable and flexible piece of equipment for maintaining mobility. For use both in the home and for short trips. For mostly indoor use, a three wheeled scooter offers greater turning flexibility.


If you’re able to walk with help, then a walker is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The ‘Lets Go Indoor Rollator’ is especially helpful for indoor use, thanks to its slim-line design for greater manoeuvrability into narrow spaces.

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Joe Ogden

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